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Hard Sac Disease in Broilers Symptoms and Treatment


What are the Symptoms and Treatment of Hard Sac disease in Broilers?


Symptoms and Treatment of Hard Sac disease in Broilers

1. Cause of Hard Sac Disease in Broilers

Because the food in the crop cannot run to the stomach and intestines, it accumulates in the crop, blocking the crop and causing the disease, which is more common in young chickens.


2. Symptoms of Hard Sac Disease in Broilers

Sick chickens are depressed, lethargic and weak, eat less or waste food, drooping wings, unwilling to move. The crop is swollen, hard to palpate, and the crop is full of hard food, which cannot be digested for a long time, sometimes produces gas, and rotten food can be emitted in the mouth odor.

In mild cases, growth retardation may occur, and in severe cases, all the glandular stomach, gizzard, and duodenum may be blocked, and the entire digestive tract will be in a state of paralysis, which may eventually lead to death.


3. Treatment of Hard Sac Disease in Broilers

(1) When the obstruction is not too serious, 1 to 2 ml of vinegar or 0.1 ml of 38% glacial acetic acid can be used at one time.

If there is a lot of food in the crop, 0.1 to 0.2 g of salt can be added; or 0.5 to 1 g of magnesium sulfate , dissolved in 50 - 100 ml of water to drink or inject directly into the chicken crop with a syringe.


(2) For seriously ill chickens, a needle can be used to pierce the crop, and some crops will contract immediately after puncturing. 

If there is no improvement after one time, it is mostly due to foreign bodies such as hair and rubber bands blocking the mouth of the crop.

At this time, surgery should be used immediately. Before the operation, the hair on the crop area was pulled out, disinfected with iodine, and then the skin was incised along the inner side of the crop, with an incision of 2 to 3 cm. Then cut the crop longitudinally (do not cut off the blood vessels), take out the contents with tweezers, wash with 0.1% potassium permanganate solution, suture with silk thread, suture the nodules on the skin, and sprinkle anti-inflammatory powder on the wound. Water is forbidden after operation fasting for 12 hours, feeding easy-to-digest feeds within 2 days, removing stitches within 5-7 days, and recovering in about a week.


(3) The method of garlic combined with oxytetracycline can be used for treatment, that is, 1 clove of purple garlic is cut into 5 pieces, and 0.5 g of oxytetracycline is mixed into the mouth of the sick chicken, once a day. It usually takes 3 days to heal.



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