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Turnip Rutabaga and Kohlrabi Comparison

  Difference Between Turnip Rutabaga Kohlrabi However, kohlrabi has no taste. If it is not peeled enough, it is easy to eat a mouthful of scum, so not many people eat it. If you eat it, it means stir fry or make soup. The close relative of kohlrabi, rutabaga, cabbage, is also called kohlrabi in the northeast. In the past month or so, who is the most worrying ingredient? There is no doubt that it is the kohlrabi.   The popularity of kohlrabi is due to a game of Nintendo-"Assemble!" Animal Crossing Friends Association.   In the game, rutabaga has a stock-like setting, which may make people get rich overnight or bankrupt. Some people may accidentally experience the cruelty of the "stock market casino".   What exactly is this fat kohlrabi? The most important thing is, is it delicious? 1. Although it looks a lot like a radish, rutabaga is actually a turnip Many people see the rutabaga in the game, their first reaction is: this is not a large white

Is Organic Food Better than Non-Organic?

  Is organic food the more correct choice? People may believe that every family hopes that the food on their table is both delicious and healthy.  But now everyone does not have a clear and unified understanding of healthier food. Many people think that organic food is the best. But there are also many people who think that organic food is just a gimmick for business promotion, and there is no substantial difference from conventional food.   Although organic food has been in people's field of vision for a long time, many consumers are still hesitating and entangled whether to eat organic food after learning about organic food.   Of course, this may be because the price of organic food is higher, but it is more likely because everyone does not know enough about organic food.   Should we eat organic food? Is organic food a more correct choice? Let's analyze it from several aspects.   1. For health-organic food is the more correct choice Organic food is produce

What are Ravens (Crow)?

Raven (Crows): Birds that wish for Victory Ravens, due to their scavenging properties, often appear on the battlefield, accompany corpses, and accompany death. In human history, they are often referred to as birds of death, symbolizing unknown bad luck. As for the bird that prays for victory?  You will understand at the end.   The raven: the bird that prays for victory, and loves to play The raven, commonly known as the fat-headed bird, is an outstanding good fellow in the Corvus family. They are creatures of the Corvidae family under the order passerine. The whole body is pitch black as ink, and the straight beak is shiny with iron. There is God.   They are born with long and pointed neck feathers and collars, just like wearing a thick scarf; their tail feathers are layered obviously, especially when flying in the sky, the short rounded soft feathers cover the straight and extended strips of hard feathers, just like the fan in Zhuge Kongming's hand, with the relaxation

Delicious Shells of Edible Calms

Clams, those delicious little shells In fact, all kinds of small shellfish seafood, in the cooking, there is no too complicated routine, without too many condiments and skills, simple cooking can get the ultimate taste The weather is getting warmer, and if it was in previous years, the food stalls on the street should have begun to support. Only now, the street is still quite quiet. Cold dishes, barbecue, small stir-fry, all kinds of small seafood, and a few bottles of beer, it is a cool summer night.   Speaking of the small seafood in the food stalls, all kinds of shellfish are definitely a big responsibility:  Spicy fried clams, salted razor clams, boiled cockles, sea melon seeds in soy sauce. Don’t look at much meat, but the umami flavor contained in them, enough to occupy everyone's taste buds.   Although goose and shellfish are delicious, many people feel a headache when ordering. Many food stalls do not have menus, and all kinds of small shells are there: which