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Womens Health Issues Drink Clinic Care Physiotherpist Problems


Health Issues Drink Clinic Care and Problems of Women

Women account for about one-half of the total population and are known as "half-changed." Since the reform and opening up, the government has formulated a series of protection policies on women's health. 

Women's disease prevention and health status is that obvious improvements have been made, but due to imperfect measures, women's family burdens, traditional ideas and concepts, and lack of basic knowledge of disease prevention have led to the frequent occurrence of gynecological diseases, such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases. Women's Healthy Body. 

The impact of women's health issues covers all aspects of personal, family, social, and human development, and brings severe challenges to family happiness, social stability, and the healthy development of human society. Therefore, attention to women's health has become a concern for family stability, society The first priority of harmony.

Women's Health Initiative

According to the statistics of the United Nations Health Organization, although the life expectancy of women is higher than that of men in most countries, some health and social factors combined lead to a lower quality of life for women. 

Lack of equal access to information, care and basic health measures further increases women's health risks.

Discrimination based on their gender poses many health hazards to women, including physical and sexual violence, sexually transmitted infections, HIV / AIDS, malaria and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

Tobacco use is a growing threat among young women, and mortality rates during pregnancy and childbirth in developing countries are consistently high.

This fact file highlights 10 important aspects that have serious consequences for women's health:

1. Men tend to smoke 10 times more often than women. However, recent tobacco marketing campaigns are actively targeting women, leading to a rapid rise in tobacco use among young women in developing countries. 
Women are generally less successful in quitting smoking, have more relapses than men, and nicotine replacement therapy may not be very effective in women.

2. Of all HIV-infected adults in sub-Saharan Africa, 61% are women. In the Caribbean, the proportion of women infected with the virus is 43%. The number of HIV-infected women in Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe, although small, is increasing.

3. Between 15% and 71% of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate male partner at some point in their lives. 
This abuse occurs in a variety of social and economic contexts, with serious consequences for women's health, from injuries to unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, depression and chronic diseases.

4. Some studies show that up to one in five women report being sexually abused before the age of 15.

5. Despite the decline in early marriages, it is estimated that 100 million girls will marry before the age of 18 in the next 10 years. They account for one third of adolescent girls in developing countries (excluding China). 

Young girls who marry early often often lack awareness about sexuality and the risks of sexually transmitted infections and HIV / AIDS.

6. About 14 million adolescent girls become mothers every year. More than 90% of these extremely young mothers live in developing countries.

7. Every day 1,600 women and more than 10,000 newborns die due to preventable complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Almost 99% of maternal deaths and 90% of newborn deaths occur in the developing world.

8. Pesticide-treated nets can reduce cases of malaria in pregnant women and their children. After earning an income, women are more likely than men to buy mosquito nets for their families. 
However, the use of mosquito nets is often related to sleeping styles, which sometimes prevent women from actually using mosquito nets.

9. In most countries, women are often responsible for cooking. When they cook on an open flame or a traditional stove, they inhale hundreds of pollutants every day. 
Of the 1.3 million women who die of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease worldwide each year, half a million are attributable to this indoor smoke. In contrast, only about 12% of men who die from COPD each year are associated with indoor smoke. 
During pregnancy, exposure of developing fetuses to such harmful contaminants can lead to low birth weight or stillbirth.

10. Women of all ages around the world are significantly more vulnerable to vision impairment than men. Nonetheless, often because women are unable to travel to health care facilities alone and cultural differences in women's perception of the value of surgery or treatment, they do not have equal access to health care services to treat eye diseases.

A healthy economy is seen as third world like India's and China's rising industry in the next decade. In the context of "her economy", women's investment in health has also become another story for businessmen.

The new generation of women is more responsible for the workplace, fertility and family. Image source: Visual China.

With the continuous expansion of the scale and scope of the market economy, people have gradually come to realize that the era of "illness and taking medicine" has passed, and the era of "non-illness and health" has already come. Faced with the huge potential consumers of about 1.4 billion people in China, the market size of the health industry is self-evident.

Even notable people have stated that the next richest man in China will appear in the health industry. Regardless of consumption upgrades or changes in life concepts, people's investment in health is also increasing. 

Relevant data show that China's total health consumption in 2016 was 4.6 trillion yuan, maintaining a compound growth rate of 13.5% over the past three years. However, compared with the global average of 10.5%, China's medical and health expenditure only accounts for 6.2% of GDP, and the gap is still significant. 

According to the 12th Five-Year Plan, China's total medical expenditure should increase to 6.5% -7% of GDP in 2020. The United States has reached 17.6% in 2009

In fact, the gap between China's health industry and other developed countries in the world just means that there is huge space for future development. The development of China's health industry not only benefits from industrial dividends and government dividends, but also lies in the development opportunities brought by the current era.

What cannot be ignored is that "her economy" is becoming a new driving force and a new growth point for healthy economic development. Modern women are often more independent and their proportion in the workplace is also increasing. 

In the 2018 Forbes World Billionaires list, the number of women reached 256, setting a new historical record. Their collective net assets reached 1 trillion US dollars, an increase of 20% over last year.

According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2016, the proportion of female employed persons in the total employment of the whole society was 43.1%. 

"Mercer Growth Market Insights" stated, "The higher the share of women in the workplace, the better the company's many performance measures, including better financial performance, sales, equity, investment returns, operating results, stock price growth, etc. "

At present, women have already moved from "no talent is virtue" to the stage where "women can stand half the sky". Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg ceng also said, "In the future, we will no longer have 'female leaders', but only 'leaders.'" This also means that women's status in society has been recognized and their socioeconomic status Also gradually improved.

In fact, these working women not only pay attention to work, but also pay more attention to their health awareness. They will pay attention to and "share" their health status through social media. 

According to BDR data, China Mobile Health Care is expected to reach 12.03 billion yuan in 2017. Women's health management apps account for more than 40% of the entire mobile health care. Women's health has become the main mobile health care market.

In addition, with the improvement of women's social status, the society's needs for women's health have also shown a more comprehensive and detailed trend. 

In Mercer ’s “2018 Global Healthcare Trends Report”, 70% of the surveyed insurance companies believe that Chinese employers will increase their investment in women ’s health care, which is higher than Asia (55%) and the global average. (49%).

At the same time, the huge population base of Chinese women guarantees the huge capacity of this market. According to the Statistical Bulletin of the National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China for 2017, at the end of 2017, China's female population was 678.7 million, accounting for 48.8% of the total population at the end of the year. 

Compared with the 674.6 million female population in China at the end of 2016, the female population increased by 4.15 million in 2017 compared to 2016.

This also foreshadows the importance of women in the healthy market, and how to meet the needs of "her" has become an important story in the mouths of entrepreneurs. Faced with the preferences of women of different ages, many "personalized" products developed and produced for them have also appeared on the market.

In addition, the new generation of women not only plays the roles of daughter, wife, and mother, but also shoulders the responsibilities of the workplace, fertility, and family. For this reason, the status of women in society and the family economy continues to increase, so that they often have the needs and awareness of family health responsibility, and also stimulated the growth space of the large health industry market.

At the same time, aging and the opening of the second child policy have ushered in a new wave of outbreaks for the health industry. With the increase of health risks, people's attention to health becomes more urgent and delicate. This has led many companies and investors to "bet" the big health industry.

According to statistics, the total imports of China's health products in 2017 increased by 40% compared to 2016, and the investment amount of China's medical VC / PE increased from 21.9 billion yuan in 2013 to 102.7 billion yuan in 2016, a three-year average annual The growth rate is 67%.

However, it is inevitable that the products and services in the current market are uneven, and there are still many misunderstandings and difficult needs for consumers. When "universal health" becomes a mega trend, women's active participation and participation will definitely promote the further development and expansion of the health industry.

Health of women or girls and how to be healthy image

Why are there so many complex issues in modern women's health?

Nowadays, there are many patients with skin diseases. It seems that in recent years, the number of patients with skin diseases has increased exponentially.
This is related to food pollution, and I think it is related to air conditioning. 
In addition, drinking cold drinks has a greater impact on women's bodies, because this will directly lead to the damage of the qi and blood of the warming cytoplasmic palace. This kind of damage accumulates day by day, and various diseases and symptoms will be formed. Cold, pain, coagulation, Get together.

Why do modern women have so many Gynecological problems?

Gynecological diseases have always been a problem for everyone in Chinese medicine. The ancients had the words "Ten men, but one woman". 
In ancient times, where gynecology was difficult to treat, women had a lot of reluctance to speak to male doctors. However, there are very few outstanding female doctors like Dachangjin, so the doctors have fewer materials in their hands, which makes natural treatment much more difficult. 

In modern society, although women can talk to doctors about some problems and there are many female doctors, there are far more things that affect women's health than in ancient times.

1. The cold evil in modern society is completely different from ancient times

First of all, there are more cold evils. The cold evil in ancient times was mostly generated under natural conditions. For example, the weather was suddenly cold and everyone didn't have time to wear more clothes. 

In the long period of time when humans have appeared, this is basically the case, that is, the human body has basically evolved to the extent that it adapts to the changes of the four seasons in nature. The summer is hot and the winter is cold. The human body is basically capable of adapting. of.

But modern society, that is, the recent decades, has completely changed this situation. First of all, the emergence of air conditioners has created a microclimate pattern that has not appeared in the past hundreds of thousands of years. What kind of pattern? Is it the first thirty minutes outside or the sun is hot, and the next thirty minutes into the office, the air-conditioned environment shivering cold. Then I went out to sweat and came back and shivered.

Humans have evolved their bodies for tens of thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years (let's start with the apes). In recent decades, we have suddenly encountered new situations and the challenges are big enough. 

In summer, you can observe that in various shopping malls, buses, subways, and offices, the air conditioners are fully turned on, and the electricity in East China will be tight every summer. In this cold and hot alternation, people's bodies endured the test.

We don’t know if you have noticed that there are so many patients with skin diseases. I feel deeply. It seems that in recent years, the number of patients with skin diseases has increased exponentially. This is related to food pollution, and I think it is related to air conditioning.

For example, if you are sweating outdoors, when you enter the office, it will be frozen like winter. As a result, what do you do with the sweat you are about to discharge? 
It is all settled in the skin. Traditional Chinese medicine says this is called internal heat and cold, and the camp is not at home. In general, it is really difficult to form such a disease state, but this air conditioner creates this model for us every day. 
Of course, this model is made by you. In scientific research terms, this is called "modeling". Generally, Model mice and test the efficacy of our drugs. Over time, various skin diseases such as various dermatitis and urticaria will develop.

This abnormal cold can also cause problems in the digestive system. Chinese medicine says that it is a problem of the spleen and stomach. Because the limbs are cold, they will soon pass the cold to the internal organs. The blood flow in the human body is fast. 

There are many people who have trouble eating something in the summer. Although some food is contaminated, but many people are not. Some people have no problem eating it, but this person has a stomachache, and his stomach is cold.

Doctors who have been medical doctors in Southeast Asia say that it is very strange. There are many diseases that we only have in winter in the summer there. There are many times when using ephedra soup and aconite lizhongwan. Take a closer look. It turns out that the summer The air conditioner worked very well. But the most vulnerable is lesbians, because lesbians dress less in the summer, and some people have their waists exposed. In this way, the cold will most likely hurt their bodies.

Chinese medicine believes that women's bodies are most afraid of qi and blood stagnation, because women's physiological systems, such as the cell house, rely on the warmth of the blood. Once a cold evil strikes, people with inadequate qi will stagnate. 

In terms of threats, especially during the physiological period, after the qi and blood stagnate, the silt will be difficult to discharge, which will have adverse consequences. This is why many of the prescriptions for gynecology in traditional Chinese medicine use warming drugs such as dried ginger and mugwort.

I was very surprised when I first contacted gynecology. How does this differ from the usual method of prescribing medicine? 
This patient doesn't have any cold appearance. 
Why add some warm medicine to the recipe? 
After the effect is good, it will not work if you don't add it. Finally, it is concluded that the original women's house is to be nurtured. 

Even if there is evil heat, you must also protect it while clearing the heat. Don’t be cold. Take the gynecological formulas in Zhang Zhongjing's "A Brief Guide to the Golden Depression" to understand at a glance. Comrade Zhong Jing's formulas have long taken care of both sides.

2. the problem of cold drinks is also unimaginable in ancient times

Another problem is cold drinks. Nowadays, cold drinks of this temperature are unthinkable in the ancient times. Now I can’t bring ice cubes. I grumbled and drank them into my stomach. I was sweating, and a cold air directly entered the spleen and stomach. We may not say you all understand, the model created in this way is called “inner cold and outer heat”.

A popular analogy, this is like if you pass the cold evil directly over the defense line on the surface of the body and give the airdrop to the inside of the body. This also has a greater impact on women's bodies, because it will directly lead to the damage of the qi and blood of the warming cytoplasmic palace. This kind of damage accumulates day by day, and various diseases and symptoms will be formed. Cold, pain, coagulation, and aggregation. One foot.

Therefore, lesbians must pay attention to these artificial cold evils in their lives. When the air conditioner is particularly cold in summer, they must remind colleagues to adjust the temperature to a normal level, and at the same time put on an extra piece of clothing and buy some ginger tablets. Soak in boiling water. 
Try not to drink cold drinks, just at room temperature, of course, it is better to be able to drink warm water, this can ensure that cold evil will not directly harm the body from this channel. 

If the symptoms have already appeared, you can go to the hospital to find an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner and prescribe a little prescription for a little conditioning. This is not a serious problem, and general Chinese medicine practitioners will be very good at conditioning.

3. Whether qi and blood is full and whether the blood flow is unobstructed is very important for a woman's health

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that whether a woman's qi and blood are full and whether the blood is unblocked is very important to a woman's health, but now there are many things that affect these two aspects. For example, the pressure of the unit is very high, the work is not satisfactory, and the child's Education is also very stressful. 

Many people are upset because of their children's studies, etc. These problems will make women's liver irritated, and liver loss and drainage will directly affect the flow of blood, and some women may even be caused by anger. Menopause, such examples are by no means uncommon.

In addition, the irregular diet now causes blood vessels to be unobstructed. For example, a woman drinking cold drinks during menstruation will cause the blood vessels to run abnormally, because Chinese medicine believes that blood is condensed when it is cold. This is now due to westernization of the diet. There are many, such as going to a fast food restaurant to order a burger. Its set menu will definitely give you a cold cold drink. Don’t drink it. It ’s not worth it. As a result, you drink it rashly and affect your body.

If the blood vessels are not smooth for a long time, it will cause blood stasis in the body. Some bruises are formed due to trauma, such as a car accident and falling over, some are due to induced abortion, and some are not drained when a child is born. In short, more bruises are formed in this way.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if blood stasis exists in the human body, it will cause various diseases and syndromes. For example, part of the body is always painful, some people feel paler, some menstruation is less and less, etc., in short, it affects health.

So how should such stasis be discharged? To give everyone an experience, it is best to discharge during menstruation. Few doctors know this method, but some doctors have started to notice that they found that after applying the drug to promote blood circulation and stasis to women during menstruation, not only did menstruation flow smoothly, some problems previously caused by blood stasis also disappeared. 
Then, it is speculated that during menstruation, women's bodies will appear in a state of self-regulation. 
At this time, if a little medication is used, the blood stasis in the body will also be discharged at the same time, and many of the usual medications are not effective. The disease certificate will also produce good results at this time.

4. Regulate your liver and stay happy

Because of the complicated living environment of modern society, women's mental stress is now very large, and women's characteristics are easily sensitive, so the mental stress conference seriously affects women's health.

Mental stress, in the view of traditional Chinese medicine, will lead to a state of liver depression. 

What is liver stagnation? 

The meridian qi of the liver meridian cannot develop well. The smoothness and adjustment of various functions. If the liver qi is suppressed, many functions of the body will be abnormal.

Because the liver meridian is closely related to blood, the liver qi is uncomfortable, and there will be many problems in the blood. This is  because Chinese medicine believes that the path of the liver meridian passes through the vagina, so the liver qi is uncomfortable, and it will also cause reproductive system problems.
In Wuxingshengke, it is Muke soil. In Chinese medicine, the soil is the spleen and stomach.

In short, if there is a problem with the liver meridian, all parts of the body can easily follow the chaos. Traditional Chinese medicine has a sentence to describe this, saying that "the liver is the source of all diseases," which means that the liver is not good, but that if If the liver is not good, it will cause countless symptoms.

I have seen many of these patients, some because the unit suddenly gave them something that was particularly stressful, and as a result, the woman’s menstruation stopped, and some were angry with others, which also caused the same result.

Without knowing it, I slowly found that I was always very uncomfortable, no mental energy, no appetite, some people were sighing, easy to lose temper, some were irritable, poor sleep at night, easily nervous, emotional Pessimism, worrying about everything, etc. In short, it is in a sub-health state.

In this case, you need to condition your body. The ancient famous doctor Fu Qingzhu paid great attention to this aspect. When prescribing and conditioning women's bodies, he often added some medicines for regulating liver qi, such as Bupleurum and Baiji, which are usually small, but they will play a very important role. Great effect.

So how do you pay attention to smoothing the liver in your daily life? First of all, you should keep yourself happy and consciously adjust yourself. For example, always smiling, or finding time to smile at yourself, and then intentionally talking with others in a relaxed tone, these will make you feel happy.

The other is not to take work too seriously (estimated that your boss must be unwilling to listen to this), of course, instead of starting sloppy from now on, you need to work in a relaxed state, don't always think about what happens after a job failure The result is the happiness in the details of work, and the joy after success.

There is also physical exercise. In fact, physical exercise is the best way to adjust your emotions. I found in the medical examination of Chinese medicine that all women who have basically no problems are particularly fond of sports. Some girls even wear sports at work. Tennis shoes and sweatshirts, sitting there full of vitality, there are basically no physical problems.

In fact, medicine is not a way to solve all problems. Many people, after adjusting their emotions and participating in sports, begin to change their physical conditions and become more and more healthy. 

Only when the symptoms are obvious, you need to use medicine for conditioning. At this time, you can go to the hospital to find an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner and let him adjust your condition. TCM has rich experience in regulating liver qi, and it can certainly help you in some way.

In fact, there is no way to decide what kind of environment a person is in. Therefore, it is not your fault to have some discomfort. However, if you pay attention to your own emotions, it will improve the situation. If there are obvious problems, the doctor can also help you to adjust and return to normal state, but remember that the most important thing here is your own conditioning. No medicine can compare with this.

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