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Hymen Means Test Repair Surgery in Young Girls and Women


Girls' Hymen (Wrinkle film around the outer opening of the vagina) FAQs

The hymen, also known as the urethral flap or vaginal flap, is mostly used in humans and the latter is used in other animals There is a transverse mucosal fold on the bottom wall at the junction of the urogenital vestibule and the vagina, which is called the hymen. The existence of urethral valve (hymen) is controversial.
English name Hymen, another name Vaginal valve causes the tissue left over from the vaginal process is left anthropologically controversial commonly known as urethral valve.
Hymen of a girl rfepresented by Orange simulation with a finger in

Table of Content
1. Scientific Interpretation

▪ Physiological Structure

▪ Production process

2. Development

▪ Growth stage

▪ Youth

3. Abnormal

▪ Hypertrophy

▪ Hymen Blocking

4. Related common sense

▪ Assumptions exist

▪ Stone Girl Birth

▪ Pre-pregnancy without breaking

5. Hymen Umbrella

6. Hymen Repair

Physiological structure

The hymen is a relic of persistent juvenile status, found in African elephants, seals, donkeys, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, humans, dogs, orangutans and lemurs, and some whale species (including dolphins) In some rodent breeds, and female moles of mole rats, the septum between the vulva and vulva did not completely disappear and became the so-called hymen. 

Animals such as donkeys, horses, cows, sheep, pigs, etc. generally disappear during the fetal period, leaving only a thin film trace. In fact, these animals have hymen only compared to humans. Physical function is the physiological tissue before the female is immature.

Hymen types represented via many pics in a pic chart

Vaginal and urethral flaps are academic terms of hymen, but the former is more commonly used in other animals and the latter is more commonly used in humans.

The hymen does not grow inside the vagina. It is a film with a hole in the center that covers the outer opening of the vagina. Its location is at the vaginal opening, which is the junction of the vagina and the vaginal vestibule. 
The vagina is a depression in the lower part of the labia majora (the depth of the depression is about 2 - 3 cm).
Orange shape resembles hymen in appearance which is visible in chart image
It is a thin layer of mucous membrane located at the outward opening of the vagina, with a hole in the middle that allows menstrual blood to flow from the vagina. 

At birth, the hymen of most baby girls is ring-shaped, that is, their tissues are evenly distributed in all directions of the vaginal opening. When a baby girl is about 3 years old, crescent-shaped hymens become more and more common-there is less hymen tissue at the end of the vaginal opening facing the clitoris, and more hymen tissue at the end far from the clitoris.
Breaking hymen is also called pop the cherry which we can see here in the picture
To Break Hymen is also called Pop the Cherry
With the gradual growth of females, the morphology of adult hymen has become very different, and even some individuals do not have hymen congenitally.

Of course, the reason why some animals do not have hymen is that hymen disappears during the embryonic period, but such animals tend to mature early. 

The common types of this film are mainly shown in the figure:
Film of hymen as it is visible from outside after opening lips
Film                                                      No Film
Of these many types, the more extreme is the hymen atresia (Imperforate hymen), followed by the hymen opening (Microperforate hymen). 
Without timely detection, it blocks menstrual blood flow, causing haematocolpos and causing abdominal pain. The most common treatment is hymenotomy: a "T-shaped", "X-shaped", or "ten-shaped" incision is used to open the hymen and remove excess tissue.
A Hymen Digrammatic representationin pink color which arrow and text indications

What is Generation process of hymen?

Hymen is not a common standard for mammals, although physiologically, it has not yet been understood what function it has. The hymen is the biological meaning, it is a layer of tissue.

Hymen is the remnant of embryonic development. In the final stage of female fetal development, the tissue at the opening of the vagina is left behind during the formation of a complete vagina. 

Consisting of elastic connective tissue (elastic connective tissue ligaments, aorta, and lungs are also composed of this type of tissue) and collagen connective tissue (Collagenous connective tissue), both sides of which are covered with squamous epithelium (Squamous epithelium). And the strength of the hymen doesn’t stay the same for life, it changes with age.
A representation that after hymen breaks bed becomes red due to blood after intercourse

Before sub-adulthood, the lack of estrogen caused thinning of the hymen. During this period, it was less stretchable and relatively fragile. When entering sub-adulthood, changes in estrogen levels cause the hymen to gradually thicken, after which its elasticity continues to increase. 

Vaginal intercourse does not necessarily cause rupture of the hymen (depending on the form of the hymen), or the rupture will leave a superficial crack.

During pregnancy, as the level of estrogen rises again, the hymen becomes thicker and more elastic. As for fertility, it will cause the hymen to tear completely. Of course, if you have never had a child, then as menopause comes, estrogen levels drop and the hymen becomes very thin and fragile. 
Power of a girl or woman or lady, with hymen or without it

Hymen Developmental Effects

The development of hymen in different animals is different, so the following describes the development of hymen with humans as an example.
An Artistic image of hymen representing or simulating it
Hymen Art

Growing phase of Hymen

The hymen appears, develops, and forms at 3 to 4 months of the fetus. The form and thickness of the hymen varies by adolescence. Generally, the hymen of adolescents is small and thick. 

As the body of a woman matures, the hymen will gradually become larger Thin and has considerable toughness. The hymen of an adult woman is about 1 to 2 mm thick.
Girl Puberty Stage Image representing here in this figure

Girl at Puberty Stage

The hymen covers the vagina near the outer mouth, about 1 to 2 mm thick. There is a small hole in the middle, called a "hymen hole", with a diameter of about 1 cm. It is usually round, oval, or zigzag; some are semilunar. 

Membrane holes are on one side. Some are separated holes, and there are two small holes side by side up and down or left and right. 
Some have many scattered small holes, like a sieve.

During menstruation, menstrual blood is excreted through this small hole. If there are no small holes in the membrane, the monthly menstrual blood is blocked, accumulates in the vagina, and spreads upward into the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes, and even flows into the abdominal cavity, resulting in tubal damage, intestinal adhesions, and abdominal infections. "Gynecological surgery must be performed.
Pubery cycle and vaginal mucosa the wrinkle wall
Before our puberty, because the ovaries secrete less estrogen, the vaginal mucosa is thin, the wrinkle wall is low, the acidity is low, and the resistance is weak, the hymen has the effect of blocking bacteria from invading the vagina. 

After puberty, as the ovaries develop, estrogen in the body increases, vaginal resistance increases, and the hymen loses its effect.

Girl Power Symbol in Pink color, with Hymen or no hymen
Symbol of Girl Power

How can a girl damage hymen during Adulthood?

At the first sexual intercourse, the hymen was broken and formed a crack, which caused bleeding.
Due to the different forms of hymen, the degree of rupture can vary widely. The septum-shaped hymen with two holes bleeds more frequently with severe pain. Lip-shaped hymen has less bleeding and is almost painless. The thick and elastic umbrella hymen may not break at all.
A girl fantasising about her cherry poping on intercourse
According to a survey by American gynecologists, about 30% of women did not bleed or rarely during the first intercourse. Among these 30% is the flexible elastic hymen, which may rupture after multiple sexual intercourses or after a relatively crazy sexual journey, but may not bleed. Also included is a highly rupturable, porous sieve-shaped hymen, which may have ruptured for various reasons before the first sexual intercourse.
Break her hymen showing image

After giving birth

As the fetus is delivered vaginal, the hymen is further damaged. Sometimes only a few remaining protrusions are called hymen marks. This is not the case with caesarean births.

Desiring hymen by guys and girls trying to fake or keep it safe
How can a girl damage Hymen During Youth?

Before puberty, women's reproductive organs are not fully developed, the vaginal mucosa is weak, and the acidity is low, so it cannot block the invasion of bacteria. At this time, the hymen is thick, and it also takes on this important task and plays a role in protecting the female reproductive system. 

After puberty, women's reproductive organs are gradually developed and perfected. The vagina already has the effect of resisting bacterial invasion, but the hymen gradually becomes weak and loses this effect. Therefore, for mature women, hymen no longer has any physiological function.
Girls and Hymen Image

Exception Editing

 What are Hypertrophy Symptoms?

Hymen fibrous connective tissue hyperplasia and hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is inflexible and tough, causing pain during intercourse, difficulty in intercourse, or inability to insert the penis. However, the normal hymen is not thick, spontaneous rupture during the first sexual intercourse, or slight pain and a little bleeding, leaving traces of laceration later as evidence of sexual intercourse. 

Hypertrophy hymen, which is tough due to hypertrophy, causes pain during intercourse, and is also difficult to rupture spontaneously, and penis insertion is blocked. Forced intercourse will cause severe pain.

Under the fear of pain, the subconscious is reluctant to insert the penis, so vaginal spasm may occur when there is sexual intercourse again. If the hymen is slightly hypertrophic, forced intercourse or caused deep hymenal laceration or bleeding.

Vaginal Diagnosis

Seek medical attention after marriage due to pain and difficulty in sexual intercourse. Diagnosis is based on vaginal digital diagnosis: One or two fingers of the hymen are blocked, and the root of the sensory membrane ring is narrow and tough. If the vaginal opening is slightly palpated, the muscles of the posterior wall of the vagina will feel spasm and contract.

Hymen Treatment

Perform hymen ring expansion or incision or resection. Dilation is suitable for those with mild hypertrophy of the hymen. With rectal dilators, from fine to thick, each model is left for 10 minutes until it can hold two fingers loose and can have intercourse. Patients with discomfort and dilatation underwent surgery. 

Radical incision is performed to the root of the ring under local anesthesia, and the membrane flap was removed along the ring. The wound was sutured intermittently with a 2-0 intestinal line. 

When first intercourse after the wound is healed, 1% lidocaine ointment or lubricant should be used at the vaginal opening to make the intercourse successful. Of course, we must not neglect the necessary sexual knowledge and technical guidance for the couple.

What is the Cause of Hymen Blocking?

It is caused by the strong development of hymen folds, and the urogenital sinus epithelium fails to penetrate the vestibular part. 
The hymen atresia is found after menarche. For example, after the menarche is normal in the uterus and vagina, menstrual blood accumulates in the vagina and then expands to the uterus to form a vaginal uterine tract.

Excessive blood and blood can flow into the fallopian tube through the umbrella and enter the peritoneum near the umbrella of the abdominal cavity. The edema and adhesion caused by menstrual blood stimulates the umbrella of the fallopian tube to form vaginal uterine tubal hemostasis.


  1.  No menarche after puberty
  2.  Gradually worsening periodic lower abdominal pain
  3.  Mass can be felt in the lower abdomen and increase from month to month
  4.  When inspected, it can be seen that the hymen is swollen outward and the surface is purple blue.
  5.  Anal examination to pressure the mass to the rectum with great tension and tenderness
  6.  Severe constipation accompanied by frequent urination or urinary retention constipation

Hymen Test Diagnosis

  1. The above symptoms and signs
  2.  A puncture through the hymen can draw thick, non-condensing dark brown or old blood
  3. Related common sense editor
  4. Existence hypothesis
Mammals have evolved and evolved. Most mature female hymen will be broken due to the combination of male and female, leaving only deformed fragments. 
From an evolutionary perspective, the hymen seems to be an extra organ. However, nature's other "survival of the fittest" principle is applicable everywhere. Since the hymen has an adverse effect on the sex of the male and female in the first night, and sooner or later it will be broken. 

What is the role of the hymen? Why should it exist?

Some scholars have proposed the following hypotheses after discussion:
Regarding the role of hymen, the protection doctrine: the vaginal wall of young girls is relatively thin, and the ovaries are not yet mature. Hymen has a very important role in blocking the invasion of germs, protecting the internal reproductive system and maintaining fertility. 

Sexual selection says: The function of hymen is to choose the strongest among men, so that excellent sperm can enter the vagina for conception, which has important evolutionary significance. 

In the ancient times of famine and drought, the randomness of human sexual union was very large, and the existence of hymen could prevent men with low sexual function from encroaching on women. 

There is a certain relationship between sexual function and physical strength. The sexual function of weak people is usually lower. The hymen forms a checkpoint, and those who break through the "gate" can leave their genes to their offspring. 

1. Protect the female reproductive system. According to this theory, hymen protects the female reproductive system and even the body. It is a barrier to protect yourself from the invasion of evil. The hymen is guarded at the entrance of the vagina and it prevents urine from entering the vagina. 

In ancient times, human women did not have skirts. They had at most a piece of animal skin around their lower body. The open lower body easily caused the invasion of bacteria. The vaginal wall of the young girl is relatively thin, and the ovaries are not fully developed. It depends on the barrier of the hymen to protect the internal reproductive system and female fertility. Other scholars believe that before adulthood, the female body is not fully developed, and the hymen is very thick, which is a precautionary device to avoid premature sexual life. 

For females, premature and sexual life is likely to cause cervical cancer due to repeated infections of the cervix. Moreover, starting sexual life too early will also have an adverse effect on eugenics. The hymen plays such a preventive role. Because it is difficult for males to have sex with immature girls, it is difficult to overcome the still tough hymen defense line. 

For women, premature sex life can cause considerable spasms to their bodies. According to a survey by medical scientists, when the hymen is broken, about two thirds of people will feel pain and accompany bleeding. The earlier you get married, the more obvious this phenomenon is.

2. To select the strong among the males: This theory believes that the main function of the hymen is to select the strong among the males, and to promote the sperm into the body for fertilization.

In the primitive period, the mating of animals was relatively free and chaotic. There are no door-to-door choices, no age restrictions and restrictions. The randomness of the union of the sexes is great. 

The presence of hymen can prevent the occupation of young girls by older males and those with low sexual function. This can reduce or prevent offspring with less optimized fertility, and has the significance of selecting the evolution of the strong. Because the elderly have weak sexual abilities, and most of the impotent are also poor or sick people.

There is a certain correlation between sexual ability and physical strength. The existence of hymen became a checkpoint for testing sexual abilities. Breakers are strong patents that can leave offspring's genes. Those who cannot enter are often weak. They have fewer or no opportunities to breed offspring. This natural law of survival of the fittest is realized by the inspection of the hymen, perhaps one of many methods.

What is the role of hymen holes?

After the female is sexually mature, menstruation will occur. Menstrual blood is discharged through the pores of the hymen. If there is no such pore in the hymen, menstrual blood cannot be discharged smoothly. This phenomenon is medically called "hymen atresia". If menstrual blood accumulates in the vagina for a long time, it can flow up into the uterine cavity, fallopian tubes, and even into the abdominal cavity, causing abdominal infections and causing abdominal pain.

How to know if hymen is broken?

In general, to determine whether the hymen is ruptured, it needs to be checked by a professional gynecologist before it can be determined. It is difficult for women to judge whether the hymen is broken, even for men who have sex with it. 

Most men and women often judge whether a woman's hymen is ruptured by vaginal bleeding. In fact, this method is unscientific, because in addition to this, there are many causes of vaginal bleeding in women, such as women suffering from vaginitis and uterine fibroids. 
In addition, some women's hymen bleeds rarely when it ruptures and does not necessarily flow out of the vagina.

What causes hymen to rupture?

Because the hymen is closer to the vaginal opening, a little carelessness will cause the hymen to rupture. There are many causes of hymen rupture. One of the most familiar is that when a woman has sex for the first time, the hymen will rupture and bleed. In addition, when the following accidents occur, the hymen will also rupture and bleeding. 

Some women can rupture the hymen when participating in vigorous sports such as high jump, horse riding, martial arts, etc .; while some women improperly clean the vulva, use built-in tampons, or even masturbate. 

Vigorous exercise, vaginal medication, and some heavy physical labor can cause the hymen to rupture, ignorance at an early age, the insertion of foreign objects into the vagina and masturbation, etc. will also cause the hymen to rupture.

In the past, the influence of exercise on hymen was enlarged. Experts point out: Unless you repeatedly perform difficult splitting exercises, severe riding injuries, riding a bicycle on a very bumpy road for a long time, and being strongly hit by the genitals, any movement will not cause damage to the hymen. 

What is Stone Girl Birth?

The so-called "stone girl" often refers to hymen atresia, vaginal diaphragmatic, congenital non-vaginal or vaginal atresia. This kind of congenital defect does not attract people's attention throughout life. 
Some people are late in their menstrual period and do not come to menstruation. Others are not even discovered until the night of the cave.

What is Stone Lady Perspective?

In normal women, there is a vaginal opening below the urethral opening, and there is a layer of thin film tissue called hymen around the vaginal opening. 

Generally, the hymen has only one hole, and menstrual blood flows from it. If there are many small holes in the hymen, it will become a sieve hymen. If not, it will become a hymen. If the uterus and vagina are abnormally developed, it will accumulate in the vaginal uterus after menarche because the menstrual blood cannot be discharged.

Excessive blood can also enter the abdominal cavity through the fallopian tube, and the peritoneum near the umbrella of the fallopian tube is stimulated by menstrual blood to cause edema, adhesion, and will.

The umbrella is closed to form a vaginal-uterine-fallopian tube hemorrhage. This kind of person often does not come to menstruation after puberty, but has stomach pain once a month, and the pain is worse than once. 

If you are married, you can’t have the same room. This condition should be treated early and diagnosed promptly. The treatment is very simple, as long as the hymen is opened and the blood is released, the problem is solved. Generally does not affect marriage and fertility.

There are also "Stone Girls" who have a transverse crest in the lower part of the vagina. If there is no hole, symptoms similar to hymen atresia can occur. 

If there is a small hole, monthly abdominal pain can also occur due to poor menstrual blood flow, and it will gradually increase. Difficult sexual intercourse often occurs after marriage. This diaphragm is often mistaken for hymen atresia. Although the treatment is also surgical incision, the surgical method is slightly more complicated than hymen atresia.

In short, "Stone Girl" often manifests as amenorrhea, and some people also have monthly abdominal pain that gradually increases, and is accompanied by difficulties in sexual intercourse after marriage. Treatment mainly depends on surgery. 

If you can find out before marriage, you can avoid a storm on your wedding night, and you can solve sexual problems after surgery. If the uterus and fallopian tubes are well developed, they can still bear children

What is Pregnancy without breaking Hymen?

It is not uncommon in medicine to cause pregnancy only through sexual organ contact. What is even more bizarre is that there have been ejaculations in the woman's underwear through a layer of cloth, which can also cause the woman to conceive. Generally speaking, in this case of infertility, the hymen is basically intact, and the pregnancy is only an accident. 

To be able to conceive, there must be a combination of sperm and egg cells. During the excitement, ejaculation occurred outside the vagina, but some sperm had entered the vagina, and the woman was just in the ovulation period. 

In a young and strong environment with excitement and excitement, the amount of semen ejaculated by the man must be at a high level (usually 2-6 ml). Therefore, although there is no ejaculation in the vagina, there is a large amount of semen. It may partially flow into the vagina. 

Although the woman has a hymen to block the vaginal opening, there are many gaps in the normal hymen (menstrual blood is discharged from these membrane holes). 

As long as a drop of semen flows in the vaginal opening, it will enter along the ovulation tube. The uterus mates with the egg, causing the woman to conceive.

During normal sexual life, semen is stored deep in the vagina in a place called the posterior fornix (the ancient books call it "sperm pool"). It is closest to the cervix, which makes it easy for the sperm to pass through the cervix and through the uterus to the fertilization site 1/3 of the fallopian tube. 

If the sperm fails to enter the cervix, it will only survive for 6-8 hours in the acidic environment of the vagina. Therefore, men's sperm must be very healthy and very strong.
In addition, another important reason why the sperm was not destroyed by the acidic environment in the vagina was precisely the woman's help. 

During the ovulation period, the secretion of the cervix increases to 0.5 ml per day, and when the libido is highly excited, its secretion can continue to increase. 

The fluid secreted from the cervix is ​​weakly alkaline and it can neutralize The role of the acidic environment of the vagina, thereby protecting the sperm remaining in the vagina, allows it to prolong life.

There is also a little-known mechanism: the ability of a sperm to fertilize requires a process called "capacitation". Originally, sperm capacitation usually started from the cervix, but when the woman's sexual desire is strong, a large amount of fluid secreted by the cervix flows into the vagina, at this time, the sperm capacitation can be advanced. 

After being energized, the sperm appears healthier and livelier, and its tail swings and changes more quickly. A specific “whipping-like” movement mode appears, which not only can survive in the vagina, but also swims in at a faster speed. In the womb. Therefore, even if there is no actual sexual intercourse, the woman may become pregnant, although the chance is relatively small.

What is Hymen Umbrella?

"It is well known that the hymen at the woman's vaginal opening will rupture after the wedding. If the woman's hymen is thicker or the direction of the rupture is not ideal, a hymen ruptures and rises below the urethral opening or causes adhesions to the urethral opening. 

The urethral opening is pulled or deformed, or blocked below the urethral opening, blocking the way out of the urine under the urethral opening like a "threshold", then it means that she has hymen umbrella disease. 

Don't underestimate such a small piece of broken hymen. It It can cause bad irritation to the urethra, and sometimes cause urination. 

In addition, because the membrane is blocked below the urethral opening, the urine is blocked from discharging there, generating vortices and causing discomfort to urinate. 

At the same time, the hymen, on the inner side, the urethral orifice forms a small crypt with it, and it becomes a place where dirt and bacteria live, which easily induces urinary tract infections. Therefore, women with hymen umbrella disease will experience urinary discomfort, increased urination frequency, and urinary tract In the case of infection, mechanical irritation during intercourse will aggravate these symptoms.

 What is Hymen Repair Surgery?

Hymenoplasty: Hymenoplasty is a plastic surgery that comes with different names like hymenoplasty, reviginization and so on. It is suggestible that a qualified plastic surgeon performs it. 

The best part is to do away from such a surgery as this can only add to problems. It is not advisable only to fool a life partner a girl solicits further complications. It is better to marry a like minded partner rather than marrying someone who has never accepted her as she was, but accepted only a virgin. 

This is a loss to both as both are on different page from the soul forever. This also creates complications when things come up and confrontation between the two takes place.

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