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Islam Muslims Quran Hadith


Islam Muslims Quran and Hadith

Islam is one of the three major religions in the world, and Sharia law is also one of the five major legal systems in the world. Since the beginning of the 7th century AD Muhammad the preaching of the holy mission in Mecca has so far gone through more than 1,400 years. It is also Muhammad's various events and his encounters with him in his 23 years of missionary work. Many social issues that are closely related to the life of the Muslim masses. Through the enlightenment of Allah or the decree of the Scriptures, Mu Shengzheng corrected the clich├ęs and vulgarities remaining in the tribes of the Arabian Peninsula at that time, and finally realized the Arabian Peninsula.
Islam Muslims Quran Hadith

 The unity of politics, economy, culture and society created the Islamic state with the integration of religion and politics with the core of Sharia law. This apocalyptic teaching method continued to be used until the 8th to 9th centuries AD. 

Due to the changes of the times and the needs of social development, there has been a teaching method led by Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafir, and Hanbury. 

Family, in the process of studying teaching methods, due to different understanding and analysis of the Qur'an, different systems for the collection and research of the Hadith, as well as their cultural education and social status, age and environment.

 There are different opinions on the new problems encountered in formulating the statutes. In fact, they are based in principle on the Qur'an and Sunnah, and how to use this basis to formulate new laws. There was disagreement over the question of what constituted new statutes without the basis of the Qur'an and the hadith. 

Nevertheless, their purpose is unified, pure and correct. Because the differences among the four major jurists are not different for individual purposes or for individual purposes, but they provide the convenience for the majority of younger Muslims to implement the teaching methods, so readers can choose according to their environment and time. 

According to the differences, the best practice is implemented, because Islam is a simple and easy religion, and its basic principles are to govern society and solve human affairs, which is convenient and not annoying. 

Allah says: (It is easy for you, but not difficult for you) (Qur'an 2: 185), and he said: (I have not given you trouble in religion) (Qur'an 22: 178). Mu Sheng said, "If I were to choose two things, then I would choose the easiest." In short, the tolerance of the teaching method is based on people and places, and time and things, not blindly. Tolerant or blindly demanding.

The Shariah is one of the famous masterpieces of Mr. Syed Sabig. He is a well-known Islamic scholar in the Arab world in this century. He was a professor at the University of Mekwumura. He devoted his entire life to the research of Shariah. 

Since its publication, this book has had a great influence in the field of Islamic law, and has been welcomed and praised by Muslims. He was also awarded the King Faisal Jurisprudence Award in 1994.

The teachings of this book are rich in content and cover a wide range. They are clear and thorough about the terms and conditions of Islamic law, especially for the long-discussed detailed rules of Islamic law, quoting the Qur'an, Hadith A detailed elaboration was made, with the arguments of the four jurists as supporting evidence. 

This "Islamic law" includes seven parts (that is, seven parts). The first part tells the five major meditations of Muslims that Muslims must understand and follow: chanting, rituals, fasting, lessons, and pilgrimage. 

The second part is the Islamic judicial system, which mainly tells the Quran and Hadith's judgments and punishments in various criminal cases. It also describes a series of civil procedures, case acceptance, trials, and rulings. matter. 

The third part is the Islamic marriage system, which mainly expounds the marriage procedure that is both natural and reasonable, which is advocated by Islam, and corrects the vicious customs that persist in marriage. 

The fourth part is the Islamic business system, which clarifies reasonable and legal rules of doing business, teaches people to abide by the law, to conduct business with integrity, and to take fair trade as the core of doing business. It is strictly forbidden to falsify. High market prices, bullying and bullying, mean loans and profitable mean business methods. 

The fifth part is Islam's views on war and peace, which mainly outlines Islam's consistent opposition to unjust war and oppression, promotes human solidarity, peace and harmony, and builds the homeland of Guotai and Min'an. 

The sixth part is the social life concept of Islam, which mainly talks about the interpersonal communication, living customs and etiquette of clothing, food, housing and transportation. 

The seventh part is the Islamic inheritance law. It mainly tells that as early as more than 1400 years ago, Allah provided corresponding inheritance laws for various blood relationships in the Qur'an. At the same time, it also detailed the heritage management and wills. Ways and means of bequests, inheritance of wills, etc.

In view of the lack of books that explain Islamic law in Chinese in detail in our country, and to help some Muslims who do n’t understand Arabic and are eager to learn Islamic law, they can better understand the true meaning of Islam, and also provide experts for socialist democracy and legal work. 
With scholars, we have translated the book Shariah so that readers can fully understand the tolerance, rationality and perfection of Shariah. 

We hope that it will help the majority of Muslims to further improve their beliefs, regulate their words and deeds, and guide their lives, so that the true spirit of Islam is truly reflected in every aspect of Muslim life. This will not only improve the quality of our religious practice, It will also sublimate our moral cultivation, purify our soul, and straighten our minds without blindness and mistakes.

During the translation process, according to the actual situation of the majority of readers in the country, we strived to be accurate and vivid in the text, as concise and popular as possible, and kept the original content in terms of the content, and made the following points:

1. The names, places, and repeated words of some of the Hadith narrators in the original text were deleted.

2. The Qur'an in this book refers to the translation of the Qur'an translated by Mr. Ma Jian.

The transliteration of the terminology mentioned in this book is explained as follows:

Lord's Order-Transliteration: Fritz

Of course-transliteration: Vadib

Sunnah-Transliteration: Sunnai

Kejia-Transliteration: Musterham

Recognition-transliteration: Jawadze

Emphasis on the Sunnah-Transliteration: Sunnet Muancaide

Non-emphasized Sunnah-Transliteration: Sunnet Elle Muencaide

Legal-Transliteration: Hai Liangli

Illegal-Transliteration: Hiram

Abomination-Transliteration: Buy Kluhai

Severe abomination-Transliteration: Karahei. Tanjhai

Fourth, the author of this book, Mr. Sanid Sabiger, treats the four jurists equally, treats their opinions with common ground while shelving differences, and tries to choose the propositions focused by jurists. 

In order to be faithful to the style of the original work, we have made detailed notes on some controversial issues in the domestic religious circle with reference to the "Four Law School Propositions" in order to help readers understand the different propositions of the various schools for comparison.

5. In the process of proofreading and reviewing, we have received many specific guidance and help from the society. Here, I would like to express my gratitude to all the fellows who have given great support to the publication of this book! Ask Allah to bless them, Amin!

Due to our limited level of translation and weak merit, and the lack of domestic reference materials, errors and inaccuracies in translation and annotations are inevitable. We sincerely hope to receive criticism from imams, scholars, legal professionals and readers. 


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