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How to Prevent Cancer by Strengthening Immunity?

Prevent Cancer, Don’t Ignore your Immunity

In fact, in our lives, carcinogenic factors can be said to be everywhere. It is understandable to take anti-cancer measures. But in the process of preventing cancer, we should not ignore the protection of our own immunity to protect us from cancer. We should start with "care" for our immune system.


  In this age of cancer, each of us is more or less doing something to "prevent cancer." There are reports that radiation may cause cancer, so immediately put on radiation protection suits and use the computer. 

TV said that overnight vegetables contain carcinogens, all leftovers in the house are not left; listening to others say what foods can kill cancer cells, will unconsciously often Buy it and eat.

Actually, in our lives, carcinogenic factors can be said to be everywhere. It is understandable to take anti-cancer measures, but in the process of anti-cancer, we should not ignore the protection of our own immunity and let us avoid Cancer invasion, anti-cancer should start with "care" for our immune system.


   We all have cancer cells in our bodies

 We can effectively remove cancerous cells in the body when the immune function is normal


Are there mutated cancer cells in each of us every day? 

This may surprise many readers. Professor Xia Jianchuan, director of the Biotherapy Center of Sun Yat-sen University Tumor Hospital, said that normal people produce some abnormal mutant cells every day. 

Those who have undergone a cancer prevention physical examination will notice that almost all tumor markers will not be "zero", but have a normal range, which is why.


Infographics on mutated cancer

   Cancer cells are produced every day, but it does not mean that you will get cancer. This is because our body's normal immune system can promptly and effectively remove these cancerous cells. 

Professor Xia Jianchuan introduced that he had done a very interesting experiment in which a cancer cell was injected into the body of a normal adult and it would not develop into a cancer. 

This shows that there is a natural anti-tumor immunity in healthy adults. But by injecting this kind of cancer cells into cancer patients, these cancer cells can develop into malignant tumors. 

This shows that cancer patients have lost this natural anti-tumor immunity, which indicates that the body’s immune function is closely related to the occurrence of cancer. Related.


  The immune system is the body's defense organs, and the immune active cells produced by the immune system form the "National Defense Force" to protect the human body from external or internal "enemies". 

The external "enemy" mainly includes harmful pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi; the internal "enemy" mainly refers to some abnormal cells with mutations. 

The work process of the "National Defense Force". First, a small number of "reconnaissance forces" discover the invading "enemies", and then transmit the "enemy" information to the "National Defense Forces" "barracks". 

The "barracks" generate a large number of "combat troops" and rush over. Destroy the "enemy".

In fact, in our lives, carcinogenic factors can be said to be everywhere. It is understandable to take anti-cancer measures. But in the process of preventing cancer, we should not ignore the protection of our own immunity to protect us from cancer. We should start with "care" for our immune system.  You rarely catch cold doesn’t mean you don’t have cancer


Your poor immune function will leak cancer cells

   Chen Zhenguang, chief physician of thoracic surgery at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, goes out every week, and he has to interpret their "cancer verdicts" to many patients. "How can I get cancer? I'm usually in good health. I don't catch a cold all year round. I haven't been hospitalized for more than ten years." 

Infographics on Diagnosis, Treatment and Cancer and Cure

Many patients were unacceptable when they learned that they had cancer. They thought they were in good health. Therefore it is impossible to get cancer.


   It is precisely because of contact with too many such patients that Chief Physician Chen Zhenguang has been very concerned about the relationship between immunity and cancer. He told reporters that many people think that people who often catch colds should be more susceptible to cancer, but this is not necessarily true. 

Studies have shown that when a person catches a cold (mostly bacterial or viral infection), it is an opportunity to stimulate the immune system. Moreover, after a virus is infected, once the immune system finds a virus invaded, it will mobilize to eliminate these invading viruses, and there will be "cold symptoms" that make us feel uncomfortable. 

If you have a cold (infected by a virus) and have no response, it may not be a good thing. It may indicate that your immune system is not so sensitive to the invading virus.


A Type of Cancer in Females
Ovarian Cancer in Women

When the immune system is not so good, cancerous cells cannot be recognized (cancer cells are derived from normal cells in the body, which are very similar to normal cells; and cancer cells will produce some camouflage, such as glycoproteins or mucopolysaccharides, to wrap themselves. Or by changing the immune monitoring points to increase the difficulty of the immune system's identification of cancer cells), let cancerous cells become a fish that slips through the net. 

Even if identified, the immune system can not eliminate cancerous cells faster than the increase in cancer cells, it may also let the cancer slip through the net cells have a chance to develop into cancer.

 Of course, in some cases the immune system functions normally, but the cancer cells are too "cunning" and escape the surveillance of the body's immune system. After a period of proliferation, they will also develop into cancer.

In fact, in our lives, carcinogenic factors can be said to be everywhere. It is understandable to take anti-cancer measures. But in the process of preventing cancer, we should not ignore the protection of our own immunity to protect us from cancer. We should start with "care" for our immune system.


 Your Depressed Mood and Lack of Sleep are Immune Killers

After seeing this, many readers will be concerned, what should I do to avoid a decline in my immune function? Professor Xia Jianchuan introduced that immunity will inevitably decline as people grow older, especially after the age of 50. 

The downward trend of immune function is more obvious, which is one of the important reasons for the obvious increase in cancer risk after the age of 50. In daily life, people over the age of 50 tend to have old age and underprivileged children. 

At the same time, they are burdened with heavy life and work pressure. They often experience physical and energy overdrafts, which can easily lead to a decline in the body’s immune function. 

People should take care of themselves more and avoid accelerating the decline of immune function due to overwork.


  The factor of age is unavoidable for each of us. But beyond that, we can still make a difference in many ways. Chief Physician Chen Zhenguang suggested that a healthy lifestyle and good psychological quality are essential to enhance the body’s immune function. 

For example, frequent staying up late, long-term lack of sleep, depression of the spirit, poor rest, etc. may cause a decline in immune function and cause cancer. 

Cells escape the surveillance of the immune system and provide an opportunity to easily lead to cancer. Therefore, we must develop good living habits, pay attention to food hygiene, participate in some suitable physical exercises appropriately, maintain a good attitude, and improve our immunity to the best state. This has an important role in preventing and treating tumors. 


   1. Sweat for 30 minutes a day This is the most economical way to prevent cancer. You don't need to train 6 packs of abs, or run a marathon, as long as you exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Walking, dancing, biking, climbing stairs, various sports are all possible.


   2. Drinking tea or coffee It has long been proven that drinking tea helps prevent cancer. Because green tea contains catechins and antioxidants such as vitamins A and C, which have anti-cancer effects, green tea contains the most anti-cancer ingredients, followed by oolong tea and black tea. Coffee can also reduce the incidence of certain cancers. 

The latest studies in the United States, Canada, and Japan have found that coffee helps reduce the risk of liver cancer, renal cell cancer, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer in women.

Infographics on Breast Cancer Cells

3. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that children before 6 years old should consume 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day; children over 6 years old, girls and female adults should eat 7 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. 

While teenagers and male adults should consume 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day . One serving of vegetables is about 100 grams of raw weight, and about 150 grams of fruits. The daily intake of vegetables should be 1 serving more than that of fruits.


  4. Less salt and no sugary drinks. The daily intake of salt should not exceed 6 grams. Drink less sugary drinks and drink plain water is ideal. Natural fruit juices should not exceed 150ml per day. Do not eat moldy cereals and beans.


   5. Maintain a relaxed mood and reduce stress. Depressed mood can easily induce cancer. Many people who suffer from cancer review the two or three years before the onset of the disease. They are often in a state of high physical and mental stress. 


Medical research has found that mental stress and long-term negative emotions can reduce immune function. Depression reduces the body's ability to repair DNA and significantly increases the probability of cancer.



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