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Erotic Advertisement. Profane Advertising. Dirty Ads

Dirty Ads. Advertise Vulgar. Erotic Advertisement. Profane Advertising

In less than 24 hours, people sent more than 1,700 sexual assault stories to a publication online.

They say that many of these stories were dazzling when they saw them.

 Many fans sent them the original text, hope they continue to forward.
They took a look, and indeed there are quite a few stories that were against the rules of the public account.

    So they tried to remake these stories

    They removed sensitive and discordant content and added some other typical stories.

 They believe that sexual assault is so common today

    It has a lot to do with the atmosphere of the whole society.

    They have a question that how can you tell the whole society?

    Each of the stories is accompanied by an advertisement for a foul-smelling enterprise.

    The first picture of the article is not related to the article.

    But it feels like a mysterious fit in completely irrelevant!

    These advertisements are publicly displayed and are posted outside

    Imagine how vulgar this unhealthy trend is!

    They don't know if this will be harmonious.

    They just hope that more people can see and value it

    Sexual assault is really worse than we thought!

    1. Acquaintances (Planted Erotic Advertisement in Story)

    Including relatives, friends, elders, etc.

"Cousin and cousin's sexual assault on me"

    "From the age of 4 to the end of elementary school, I lived among a group of children in my grandmother's house, and my younger sister was touched by two cousins. Another cousin touched and imitated X behavior for a long time. At that time, it was too small and I always thought it was a kind of The game, in order to play with older children, I played this game. Later, my cousin touched the chest when I started to develop slowly, and I started to refuse this game until my mother told her that she would be pregnant. 
There is also a brother from XYZ's family who took me to the attic to imitate the X behavior once and repeatedly told me not to tell the adults, and at that time I really didn't tell the adults. 
The removal only ends. I have never told anyone, but I often think of it, and I feel wronged. I even worry about worrying that I am not a virgin before talking about my boyfriend. "
Dirty advertising picture where a girl is spanking a guy's ass

Uncle Acquaintance

 "During my childhood, there was an uncle of" Geeky "in our compound. Everyone in the small place spoke a dialect, but he kept insisting on speaking Mandarin. 
He opened a small supermarket, and both adults and children in the yard I like to sit and sit with him. I and another girl in the yard stay there from morning till night, play chess with him, learn guitar.

    One day I was sitting at his desk reading a magazine, and he said that he wanted to pee so I wouldn't allow it. After a while he came over and picked up my left hand. I had been reading a book very intently without turning back. 
Suddenly I felt something slippery at this time. I was shocked and immediately turned my head to look at it. He hurriedly gathered up his pants.

    Another day, the uncle asked me and the girl if they could bend over and touch their feet. We all tried and failed. The uncle said that he could hold us from behind. He hugged the girl first, and after moving a few times, the girl looked weird and said she should not try. I said I came and I came, and he hugged me from behind, I bent down and felt something behind me against my back.

    It was also from that day that I began to doubt this person, reject him, and fear him, and felt that something was wrong and wrong.

    Many of these things that happened in my childhood were later understood by myself. I dare not tell the family, because they have a good relationship with that uncle, and everyone in the yard has a good relationship with him. I don't know what she should do after I tell my mom. I don't want the harmonious relationship in the yard to be destroyed by me. But I’m in pain, and I don’t want to tell my friends about these things that I’ve experienced.

Sometimes I even get jealous of others. I have a clean childhood, a spotless childhood, and a childhood that didn’t hurt.

    Finally, I hope that every child can grow up healthy in a pollution-free environment. "

    "Dad's Second Brother" (male was sexually assaulted, suspected to have changed sexual orientation due to sexual assault)

    "I was sexually assaulted by my dad's second elder brother when he was five or six years old. It lasted until about the third and third day of the second year. 
By the way, I was a boy. At that time he lived downstairs in my house. I have become accustomed to knowing nothing at that time. Actually, I can't hate him now, it's sad. 
Only when I worry about why I like boys, I hate him, and this thing always lingers Lingering in my heart. "

    Left-behind children and children from divorced and reorganized families are at greater risk of sexual assault.

    Due to the lack of parental and relative care, left-behind children are a high-risk group. Children from divorced and reorganized families are also at greater risk of being violated by stepfathers or brothers with different surnames.
 However, the former has a closed living environment and the latter has a complicated family relationship. After being violated, most people will choose to remain silent.

(This is an advertisement for a well-known big mall, naked sexual hints)

    Same Village Older Boy (Planted Dirty Advertisement in Story)

    "I am a left-behind child. I was raised and raised by grandparents in the countryside. I was often home alone. For the first time, I was six or seven years old, and the man was fifteen or six. After that kind of CD, let me watch it with him, and also let me imitate the actions and behaviors in it. 
The first time was like this, there are a few times later I can't remember, until I left there was no relief. At that time, I was very young and did n’t understand what I was doing, but I also had an instinctual shame, knowing that this was an inhuman thing, so I did n’t tell anyone. But now I hate, hate that person, and hate my parents. "

(The screenshots of answers in an online game are filled with sexual cues all the time)

    Stepmother's Child (Planted Vulgar Advertisement in Story)

    "I was only ten years old and I was in fourth grade. The boy was five years older than me. My stepmother brought him to marry when I was seven years old. I slept in the same room with the boy and spent years safely.
Later, one night he pressed on me. He was a fat man, he was very heavy, and then sexually assaulted me, because it hurt so much, and I desperately resisted. 
He might be afraid that his father would hear it, and he would not continue.

    After a period of time, he pressed on me again. The fear that came to me at that moment was very painful. I still resisted, and then he returned to his bed silently. The next day I would kill him. My room was alone, and my dad couldn't beat me, so I let me sleep alone.
 Later, the stepmother divorced my father, and he naturally disappeared into my world. "

(Post a picture at a marriage registry somewhere, turning a woman into a man's accessory)

Vulgar Advertisements showing up in picture display

2.    Father's articles ( Erotic Ad in Story)

 I can't imagine that my father will be the head of sexual assault


    "Nine years ago, I started to notice that my stepfather was not right. As soon as I grabbed the opportunity, I would touch all kinds of obscenities, language, and physical contact, and said that the cushion I put on the stool was seducing him. I was afraid to die during that time, no dare to go home, more than 20 degrees below zero, standing in the snow and waiting for my mother to go home from work. 
The uncle at the construction site saw me pitifully called me into the fire and was afraid to go. From then on, he was hostile to all men. And the legs were frozen at that time.

    In order not to let him QJ me, I even asked him to make an offer on the day when he was eighteen years old. Seven days before the college entrance examination, I wore a white dress bought by my dad and bought it. I liked it very much. The animal was pressed there, and his pants were picked up. His one was behind me. He wanted to take the next step. I begged him to solve it by hand. I wanted to jump off the building, but I didn't dare. Everyone wants me to go to college, and I also want to go to college to leave this ghost place. Later, I got into the college, but I never passed that skirt again."

    I Didn't Forgive His Father (with Profane Advertising)

    "It's been a long time and I never talked to anyone. When I was very young, my father often kissed my lower body, and when my mother was there, she never made any mistakes. 
By elementary and junior high school, He came home late after entertaining, sometimes his mother would come to my room and lie down on my bed, hug me and touch my chest and underneath, and even pull out XX and bring my pajamas and panties down on me behind me, I pretended to fall asleep and dare not say.

    When I was in junior high school, I didn't know much about sex, let alone obscenity. It is really sad to want to come now. When I was in high school, I chose to live in school. I didn’t live at home often, but sometimes when I went home on vacation, he would hug me tightly and put his upper body and lower body on me tightly. 
At that time, I pushed away as soon as possible. Yes, but never mentioned to others, I hate him from the bottom of my heart.

    The university was away from home, and he didn't have too close contact with him. Outsiders seemed to our family to be harmonious. He died of a heart attack in his sophomore year. I returned home a week later to send him out, and I also felt uncomfortable and cried, but I didn't have much pain in my heart from beginning to end. 
I know that what he has done to me for so many years is wrong. Even if he has paid a lot for this family, in the eyes of his friends, he is a most affectionate person, but it does not mean that he is a qualified father, nor does it mean that I will forgive him a little. "

 Men Being Harassed by Their Biological Father (with dirty ad)

    "The person who sexually harassed me was my biological father, I was a boy, and also a gay guy who hadn't come out of the closet. 
He knew his sexual orientation in junior high school, but when his father sexually harassed me when I was a sophomore. He went home drunk and got dark, drilled into my room and touched my body, then pressed my body over me and kissed me strongly, my tongue kept prying my teeth, my body was rigid and motionless. Then more than once, maybe seven or eight times.

    After a long time, I told my mother after the college entrance examination, and said "your husband is perverted", and then she scolded me to say that I shouldn't say such things. 
She said that she would communicate with him, so that he would not do so in the future. I was surprised. I told my boyfriend later that, fortunately, he was a very nice person. Later I talked about this in my circle of friends, and suddenly realized that family was no longer in any of my values. Don't believe in blood, or believe that the pore structure of society has many forms, and at the same time insist on self-preservation.
 If you persist, you can understand that your people will appear sooner or later. "

    3. Teachers and Doctors

    Teachers and doctors reach the most people in society

    It's really hard to imagine so many cases of sexual assault

    "Doctors Touch Me"

    "When I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, when I was young, I went to the hospital to see a doctor because of acne. 
The doctor who was not as good as a beast touched my chest, put my hand under me, or did anything else. I chose to forget as much as possible. I told my parents. The result was useless, and it was violated every time! In the end, I did not go to the hospital anyway, and it ended. 
At that time, it was too small and did not have common sense in this regard. The doctor was an acquaintance introduced by relatives, and the parents did not take it seriously. For many years, I haven't slept well, insomnia. Why are there so many beasts around me? "

(We can't imagine a person who sells hardware tools can get sexual cues)

Learning Piano Teacher

"I started learning piano at the age of five, and the teacher, who was almost sixty-years old, held me on my lap, kissed my cheeks, lips, and tongue, and rubbed my privacy across my clothes very hard. 
My mother was unaware of chatting with my master in the next room. At that time, I didn’t understand how this kind of behavior far exceeded the elders’ love, but I just felt that the smell of cigarettes was disgusting, and my lower body was pained.

    This situation continued until the fifth grade of elementary school. At that time, the sexual consciousness was dimly enlightened. The sense of shame made me extremely resistant to the weekly violin lessons. Therefore, I asked my parents to vaguely describe what happened over the years. 
My mother comforted me. The teacher just loves you very much, but she has realized the seriousness of the matter, so she will stay in the piano room every class. After a few months, she terminates our teacher-student relationship.

    When I talked about it with my parents when I was an adult, I realized that he had also harassed and verbally harassed my mother, and many student mothers had been harassed by him.
 Later I heard that he was about to die of cancer, and his mother said that no matter what he did, he would be a teacher and a father for one day, and he should go to see him for the last time. So we went. Seeing him dying on the sickbed, I didn't feel the slightest wave. I am doing well now, but when I type this word, I can still remember the smell of sticky smoke and the pair of terrible tight grips on my big hand. "

(This is an extremely vulgar advertisement for a restaurant that publicly encourages sexual assault)

My Head Teacher

    "In 2007, I was still a junior girl who shyly covered her eyes when she saw Ziwei and Erkang kissing. He was already a retired and respected teacher from the best local key middle school. At that time, he organized a "Education classes", tuition fees are penalized.
 Every weekend, we try our best to take us to read ancient English, learn English, play chess, and take a group of children to jump rope, swim and play volleyball. This learning group has become an Eden that is difficult for all local parents to enter.

    From 2007 to 2012 (Junior 1 to Senior 2), I experienced sexual assault for up to five years. From the beginning of the hug, to the compulsory kissing, I touched everywhere, asking me to take off my clothes to admire him, and even touch my lower body with my hand during my physiological period.
And at the end of each sexual assault, he still kindly greeted my mother and accepted the tea and snacks that she was grateful for. I dare not tell anyone. ‘Did I think too much from the beginning? He just treats me like a daughter? ‘To later’ ‘who can believe me? He is so respected! ’I have been cowardly silently patient.

    I struggled painfully, sleeping and sleeping insomnia and vomiting from 130 pounds to 90 pounds, but still kept this dirty secret. Until one month of test failure, my mother called to blame the phone, I shouted to the phone: you will never think what Teacher Han did to me! 
My mother rushed to the school the next day to ask me in detail what happened, and chose to absolutely believe me, but they chose to be silent, because, in our small city, this matter went out loud. 
Even if everyone believed us, he would Becoming a nightmare, I am also a person defiled by the devil, and I will be charged with a lifetime of uncleanness.

    Later, I was admitted to Beijing University and left home. But I was still tangled by the nightmare of sexual assault every night, I had to take two baths every day, and scrub hard to keep myself ‘clean’. At the same time, thanks to Beijing, I was able to accept a more complete consultation and guidance, and slowly became a bath every day. 
Thanks to my ex-boyfriend, he didn't have the slightest prejudice against me after learning about this.
Thank my friends, for I have had many difficult moments. But I still hate, hate his beastly heart, hate the ignorance of small cities, hate the world's deep prejudice against women, and hate my weakness and incompetence."

  Teacher in Love with Students

    "Three years ago, in the third year of high school, a Chinese teacher in the school was actually the same as the teacher Li Guohua in Lin Yihan's writing. The language trap, the sprout of youth, and the great nothingness under the concept of college education were used. The whole process, the teacher told me I take care of it, and I respect and adore it. The teacher also actively expressed that we are lovers. 
The teacher makes good use of his language and identity, and also has the charm of maturity and talent. I feel that I love him. But he never At the same time, I have been intimate with many female students. After knowing the facts, I was miserable. 
However, he still only said that he was inferior, lonely, and refused to refuse, and he would correct it. After graduating from high school, I was still obsessed, and going to a private theater for an appointment would almost be violated.  Because he was too painful to stop him. I have forgotten how I became aware of myself and how to liberate myself. This thing is more fragile than being violated unilaterally, even though he was always deceiving me, but then I was 'Want to be' deceived, we are 'sweet love', and I blame myself. So how can I argue. Can only say, naive, ignorant, No use is indeed my own mistakes, but that does not mean he has any thing right. "

    Teacher of Musical Instruments

    "When I was in elementary school, I was sent to a teacher's house to learn musical instruments. This teacher was very nice, enthusiastic, and fun. I often changed some card magic. I liked him very much. 
One day after lunch, he and I said, I show you a new magic, you can change a pencil out of thin air, he closed my eyes, I waited for ten seconds, he guided my hand to let me get the changed pencil, and then my hand was dragged to the teacher's pants in this way, and then touched a hot, hard thing, and the teacher gently took me to caress.

    At that moment, I actually knew what it was, but I still pretended to be stupid, maybe I was afraid that I would refuse or what to do, it would have a very bad result. I chose not to tell my mother at that time because one month before the incident, my father had died suddenly. 
Before the death of the father, the teacher did not do such a thing. Therefore, I have to think that he only did this because there were only two mothers and daughters in the family, and he was weak. 
Therefore, I chose to be silent, because I was afraid that my mother would blame herself, blame herself as inferior to my father, and blame herself for being incompetent. 
I even feared that she would desperately desperate to work with the teacher, so that I would really be alone. Until now, I haven't really told her. "

Girls Being Harassed by a Female Teacher

    "I want to say it because the subject is a female teacher. I was a girl. At that time, I was about four years old. At noon, the female teacher always took me to take a nap and asked me to drill her in the quilt to suck her. XX and touched my privacy part, I was confused about these concepts when I was young, but I felt a strong discomfort, I would cry every time I went to kindergarten, and then I transferred to the park, and this matter will not be left. I want to let everyone out Be aware that harassment is regardless of age and gender. "

4. Strangers, passers-by

    I'm afraid this is the thing most people encounter

    Especially girls, they meet a lot

Salty Pig in the Bus with filthy Ad

    "When I was in high school, I was harassed by a man on the bus to school. After getting off the bus, I ran into the women's restroom in shock, and sent a text message to my mother with shaking hands, 'Mom, I was just in the bus It was sexually assaulted by people. 'My mother returned a short message with only five words. I still remember it after many years,' Just go away. 'In fact, my mother's words represent to a certain extent, This is the status quo of sex education in China. To a certain extent, it represents a topic that some families avoid and talk about, and are not ashamed to face. "

(We can't imagine that a bowl of rice noodles can also involve sexual cues)

Strangers Do It Yourself with Dirty Advertising

    "In the fourth and fifth grades of elementary school, I was on the road with my little friend. When I met a man, I manually moved my feet and touched my neckline to touch it. 
Followed by shouting for help, in the end many people surrounded him to beat him. My mother told me, don't say that he touched your chest, the girls are not good. I didn't say. "

(This is a notice in front of a bar)

    Strangers at the Airport with Profane Ad

    "When I was transferring at Wuhan Airport last year, I was queuing up to go through the formalities. A middle-aged man was very close to me. I was very alert and told him at the time, I'm sorry, don't post me so close, I'm not very comfortable. At this time He said very embarrassingly, and said, "Can I lick you", and then posted it on me. I shouted for help, but no one came forward, and I would not put hope on anyone. "

    The Wolf of the Bus

    The bus was very crowded at work in the winter, and a man touched my leg. At first I thought it was too crowded. I could n’t run into it because I had never encountered such a thing, but I was sure it was really touching. People who really don’t try will never touch you, and they will move to other places when they meet. 
It's really disgusting, social scum and dregs, but this is the case. Since then, I can no longer relax when I squeeze a bus, and I am also alert to all unfamiliar men.

(This is an advertisement on a courier box)

Exposed Man on the Road

    A vulgarist near the little scholar flirted with X and asked me if I wanted to eat it. For the first time, I faced the man intuitively, which caused me to be afraid of men for a long time. I was in a crowded bus in junior high school. After being touched, scum was still shamelessly holding me off, and I was particularly scared to run away.
I bumped my chest on a bus in high school, and scared him away with a white eye, so I encountered harassment When the attitude is better.

(The takeaway on an app is vicious and indescribable)

    5. Workplace Articles

    Numerous sexual assaults in the workplace

    A higher level of power often means you can do whatever you want

Sexual Assault on Me by a Leader

    "I was sexually harassed by someone who was not a direct leader. He was not in the same office and he was in the promotion period. He often came to me when no one was in my office, and started touching my thigh while talking. I also put my hand from behind my neck into my clothes. This move completely scared me stupid. 
I told this to my husband for the first time, and he immediately shot the case and said he would go to the unit to find him, but I don’t want to lose my job. I don’t want to have a big job in the unit. I can’t stay any longer, so I discussed with my husband again and again and decided to report it directly to our big leader (department-level cadre).

 I remember when I reported it, our director asked me three questions:
1. What excessive behavior did he do to you? (I described his harassment escalation process)
2. Did you take the initiative to show him? (I said not only that, but I also expressed aversion to his behavior from the very beginning.)
3. In addition to these actions, did he expressly say that he would develop a relationship with you? (I didn’t say this) Then our director told me to “keep knowing the scope” and later he talked to this colleague and asked him to apologize to me by phone. This stopped the incident and did not affect the promotion of this colleague. promotion. "

School Leadership

    "He is my leader. I teach at school. I live in a rural elementary school. I live alone in the school dormitory.
 One night he returned to school by entertainment and went directly to my house. 
After a while, then grabbed my hand, I ran away quickly, he asked me to help him go to the toilet again, but because of love, I helped him go. 
Then, he sat in a chair and hugged me, his hand reached into touching my back directly in the sweater said that I like me very much, I was really frightened, my head was all empty, and when I reacted, I hurriedly called for his wife to take him back, and quickly moved out of school and started It's a day-to-day life.

    His wife is also teaching in my school. I saw her for a while and I felt a little shame, although I did nothing. But I hate him, I feel sick, but I can't say, I don't know who to talk to. Everyone is a colleague. The interpersonal circle was originally simple. 
This incident broke through their family's troubles. Seriously, even my job would have problems. And just harassment, it seems to be commonplace in this circle, no one cares so much about my feelings. 
I can only avoid risks repeatedly and remind the new female teacher repeatedly to pay attention to safety. He is still my principal, and I still hate him. "

(Advertisement of a large talent company)


Leadership Bureau Sexual Assault

    "I worked for a Fortune 500 foreign-funded company and was taken to a wine bureau by the leader I used to trust most. After being drunk, I was sexually assaulted by a leader. I went to the police with a friend. 
Later the leader was sentenced to three years and two months, and I refused any compensation because the lawyer told me that accepting the compensation is likely to get a probation.

    But the day after the accident, the big leader of my unit came to my house and asked me to sign a resignation agreement to clear the relationship with the unit on the grounds that I hope to adjust my mood. I am now working at a branch office in the original unit.
 I know that I am waiting for a time to leave. Before leaving, I want to make the people associated with this matter pay a price. "
A Car Company Advertisement

6. Male assault articles

    Unexpectedly, men are no less vulnerable than women

    And less likely to be detected and accepted by society.

    In fact, men do not lose any harm to women

    "Sexual Assault by a Boss"

    "I am a boy, I have been sexually assaulted, my male boss, I resisted, or was molested by him, and I could n’t sleep well for more than a month, and I was scared when I remembered it. After that, he called WeChat by phone The text messages have harassed me and I have been dealt with coldly. I did not disclose the matter because the superior rank is high and it is of interest. He has not harassed me anymore. I think I will say things generously one day, thanks Your platform gives me this opportunity. In the future, I will also tell the people around me, and wait for me to have enough courage. Finally, I would like to say a bit, I like women. "

(Plastic surgery in an elevator)

 Sexual Assault by a Boy

    "I can't forget that scene, that girl is standing in front of me like that. I am a man, we are all alone in the field, she is single, I have a girlfriend. 
Once I went to help her move, rest, she said Go and pour me a glass of water. I lay on the sofa with my eyes closed and rested. 
When I felt someone approaching, she opened her eyes so naked that I stood in front of me. I told her not to do this and hurry back to wear She didn't talk about the clothes. 
She rushed over and started tearing my clothes. Under the influence of reason, I pushed her away. She seemed to have recovered her mind too. Finally, she was embarrassed. 
After drinking a glass of water, I left. I I want to remind you that sexual harassment is not only targeted at women, but men can also be victims ... "

(Disgusting dumpling ad)

    Sexual Assault in the Bathhouse

    My boy, he was perverted DD in the bathhouse when he was a kid. I was completely choked, too young, I didn't tell my parents when I went home, then I chose to go further and go to another bathhouse. Like many girls who have been abused, tolerate and hide. 
In fact, where is the distinction between men and women, both victims? 
This is also hard for me to say. Those who are able to stand up and speak out are really courageous.

(Advertisement of a company selling a ship)

    Uncle in the Woods

    When he was in elementary school, he was called by an uncle to help him find a pen. At that time, he was educating a child to bring a red scarf to help people in need. I reached into my private area. I had some skin diseases at that time, so I didn't want him to touch. Then he said he was a doctor, he just touched it. After he touched it for a while, I felt something was wrong and fled away immediately.

    The whole social ecology is full of "sex".

    How can those cases of sexual assault be reduced?


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